Thawing Out

Today we are thawing out after ice and snow hit us starting last Friday the 12th. We have been able to get out into the cold frigid air with semi-slick roads a few times, but today we’re staying home. The ice is still prevalent and is not melting fast. Fear of falling and hurting myself is keeping me indoors (photo is taken through my window). As I get older I find myself with more and more fear in my life. Fear of falling. Fear of an accident. Fear of night blindness. There’s no reason to be afraid when you have God with you, taking care of you. We just need to not do stupid things and make smart (or smarter) choices. What fears are you facing? Are you facing them alone or do you have someone around to support you? Remember, that God loves you and will watch over you. Ask Him to be your protector.

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