Heading East

This last weekend we headed to Multnomah Falls Lodge for breakfast. We always get off Highway 84 at the Bridal Veil exit and make our way to Multnomah Falls via the old highway. What a beautiful trip. After a quick walk up to say hello to the falls, we got back in the car and continued East to my favorite – Horsetail Falls (sshhhh, don’t tell Multnomah!). Visitors are able to get a little closer to this waterfall, and we definitely felt the spray of the water as it cascaded down the hillside. After a few photo ops, we then made our way to Hood River and completed the Hood River Fruit Loop stopping at a few places along the way. We were able to pick our own apples, buy some already picked, and have lunch at one of the wineries along the route. I tell you, there’s nothing like a fresh picked apple right from the tree. Currently working on a short video, so stay tuned!

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